Saturday, February 17, 2007

Funding for the Troops

George W. Bush’s big argument against the House of Representatives non-binding resolution that repudiates the troop surge in Iraq is that it may lead to binding resolutions to stop funding the war in Iraq. The Prez says he’s going to be be “very aggressive” about his war plans because his highest concern is for the troops. Dear President Numnuts: That is the worst possible talking point you could bring up at this particular point in time. On Friday, we were told that three top auditors came before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and said the Bush administration has spent more than $350 billion on the Iraq war and the reconstruction effort. The auditors found that the Bush administration has squandered over $19 billion and the auditors still have $300 billion in Iraq spending to review. It's expected that more high-level flim-flam will be uncovered. The GOP has already wasted and/or siphoned off for the private use of top-level Republican politicians billions of dollars of Iraq money. The GOP has already cheated the entire population of the United States by allocating funds for reconstruction to VP Cheney’s own company, Halliburton. Which company and its variously named subdivisions have been found to be the prime culprits in wasting government money. David M. Walker who is the head of the auditing department of Congress said, “There is no accountability. Organizations charged with overseeing contracts are not held accountable. Contractors are not held accountable. The individuals responsible are not held accountable.'' Walker said GAO (Government Accountability Office) investigators can’t get basic details about spending in Iraq because Pentagon divisions don’t track the spending and don’t fully report the spending. The appearance of the auditors before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee comes just as Congress is gearing up for a showdown next month with the Prez over his budget request of nearly $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When George W. Bush talks about funding for the troops, he’s talking about money that can be put in the pockets of defense contractors. George W. Bush doesn’t give a damn about the troops. Our troops don’t have proper gear and armor to defend themselves. The Humvees that our troops drive in Iraq lack the armor any vehicle must have if used in a war zone. And when our soldiers come home from Iraq without arms and legs and with severe mental disturbances, they have to wait for months for treatment in VA hospitals. If George W. Bush had one working braincell, which he doesn’t, the last bit of overblown hyperbole he would use is, “funding for the troops”.

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