Saturday, February 04, 2006

Those Danish Cartoons

More censorship. Practically all American media sources have agreed not to publish the Danish cartoons that have insulted Muslims. The rationale is that out of respect for Islam, it’s been decided Americans can’t see what is outraging Muslims. (ABC ran one cartoon.) Fuck that! We deserve to see what the rest of the world is seeing without Big Brother deciding it’s not in the best interests of United States policies…whatever they may be. Here are two sites where the cartoons can be seen: I would like to know the real reason why the Bush administration has muzzled the MSM…again. Is the Bush administration so in league with oppressive regimes that terrorists get to dictate censorship guidelines to our dictator? Knowing we cannot defend ourselves against another attack because our military resources have been squandered in Iraq, is the Bush administration so lily-livered and afraid that it’s censoring cartoons? Whose side is the GOP really on? Just asking.

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