Friday, February 03, 2006

Daily Kos: About 10% of US Watched SOTUS

Kos says that roughly 10% of our nation’s population watched the State of the Union Speech. Nielsen (Nielsen Media Research) has the figure slightly higher at 41 mil. And although the TV industry decides whether shows will live or die based on Nielsen ratings, Nielsen counts viewers who tune in at some point during a broadcast, not people who watch from the beginning to the end of a show. I’m siding with Kos and his estimate that only 33 million people in the US watched the Prez on Tuesday night. Why is George W. Bush so unwatchable? Is it that he never says anything new? Is it that he always lies and what’s the point watching a liar lie? Is it that whatever he proposes is either unworkable or silly? Is it that he’s stupid? Is it that he’s boring? Of course, all the above are true. But you can say the same things about Pat Robertson and his little ol’ 700 Club. And even Robertson gets 922,000 viewers a day, which translates to 28 mil viewers a month. What’s the real reason that 266,160,721 people in the US would rather watch ANYTHING than the President? It’s because George W. Bush has the mannerisms of the sneaky bully we all hated in high school. He makes inappropriate jokes. He fidgets, he smirks, he falters and fumbles, he can’t find his place on the idiot sheet and needs to get cues from his earpiece. Even when he’s memorized parts of his speech he uses wrong words and doesn’t know it. He grins like a hyena. He sounds insincere. His eyes look dead. He’s uneasy and nervous. He needs a drink and shows it. George W. Bush is a mean, sadistic, insecure, phony, alcoholic sociopath. That’s why the American TV-loving public, which will watch anything that moves or simulates movement, including American Idol, can’t bear to watch an American Idiot when he pretends to be president.

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