Friday, April 29, 2005

What An Idiot!!

When the going gets tough, George W. Bush gets moronic. From his prime time press conference performance last night, the White House puppet apparently believes his downward spiraling numbers will be reversed if he goes on television and claims with smiles and smirks that he's upbeat and that he's been right about all the issues he's been wrong about. I stopped counting when his mispronouncing nuclear hit five times. This particular word has become an act of defiance for him. It's his private little show of contempt for intelligence and education. It's his way to prove he will never ever admit he's wrong. He will never ever modify any behavior or any idea. He can't. We have a president who has anointed himself infallible. Once again, news outlets will report today that GWB's approval rating has slipped, that most people think his plan for social security is stupid and that the situation in Iraq has gone from being a quagmire to being a morass. But the big news will be that GWB is upbeat and that, as of last night, he is still convinced he's been right about everything. At least he let us know once for all that the last thing he desires is for Social Security to become solvent. He hates everything about FDR's Social Secuity plan. He has always hated Social Security. For years he's claimed it's going broke. And for the past year his mantra has been that Social Security will be broke by 2041. Which is a transparent lie. But last night, Bush finally gave voice to his irrational hatred of Social Security. He was asked if a plan were put forward that would make Social Security solvent, would he support it? He said, No, he would not support any plan unless it incorporated private accounts. GWB doesn't give a damn about making Social Security solvent. He wants to dismantle it and replace it with his own cockamamie program for people to invest in private accounts--a plan that would mainly benefit people who have plenty of money to invest. Just ask the people in Chile where privatizing social security is now in effect. Only those who have been able to invest mega-amounts of dough have realized the benefits that were so highly touted when Chile began its privatizing plan for retirees. The poor are up the creek. Of course, in the US, our Congress could always commit the country to bailing out people if private accounts don't work for the poor. But that would put our deficit spending even more in the red than it is today. And it also would be an admission by the GOP that privatizing Social Security is a red-hot idea only for the rich. Last night, in addition to the smirking and the drooping left side of his face, the Prez added a couple new quirks to his public persona. He's talking fast and seems hyper. Does the President know he's on speed? Or are they telling him the new pills are vitamins?

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