Friday, April 08, 2005

Why Do Americans Hate Themselves?

1) The Republicans have spit on us. They have given help and succor to the rich while screwing-over the elderly and the poor. Every hour of every day the Republicans seize on new opportunities to trample the rights of all Americans. And yet, the poorest among us, the most downtrodden, and most disadvantaged continue to rise up to defend the bastards anyway. Why? 2) Whose sons and daughters are being killed in Iraq? Whose mothers and fathers are not being allowed to see the caskets of their children (and face it…many of those who have been murdered in Iraq are barely out of their teens)? It's surely not the children of rich and powerful Republicans. And yet, even now, blue-collar, salt-of-the earth moms and dads loudly support the fascists in the White House and their illegal war. Why? 3) The late Pope and the Vatican despise everything the United States stands for. They have proven over and over that they have only disdain for American Roman Catholics. And yet, Americans are flooding into Italy to honor men who think US Catholics are beneath contempt. Why? Americans were so horrified at Cardinal Bernard Law for protecting pedophile priests that two years ago he was forced to resign in disgrace as archbishop of Boston. But we read in this morning's New York Times that the Vatican named Cardinal Law today as one of nine favorites who will preside over funeral Masses for Pope John Paul II. The Vatican has never taken the pedophile-priests issue seriously. At the time the story broke two years ago, the Vatican downplayed it and said it was an American problem. As Laurie Goodstein's NYT article states, "the cardinals have reminded American Catholics that their most painful recent chapter barely registered in the Vatican”. Not only did the Vatican not care that children were being abused by priests, after Law stepped down, the Vatican rewarded him for his bad behavior by giving him a large apartment in Rome and an honorary position as archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major. And now Cardinal Law is the man who will deliver Monday's homily for the late Pope. Cardinal Law has just as much clout in Rome now as he did before his scandalous actions in Boston. He is so powerful that, according to Goodstein, his sermon will be analyzed by Vatican-watchers for clues as to who the next pope will be. My list of entities that actually run the world keeps getting longer. It started with Rupert Murdoch and The Carlyle Group. Reverend Moon was added and put at the top, and now the Vatican joins the list. You will note that the White House is not included. That is because the White House simply does the bidding of the top dogs. I must shout out and underline one important point. Two of the three entities purport to be religious organizations: Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (Moonies) and the Vatican. Neither of these religious organizations has the slightest interest in religion. The focus of both is to influence politics throughout the world, which dictates the world's economy, which translates into power. What major world power will the Unification Church and the Vatican support in order to solidify their own global power? A clue will be whom the Vatican names as the next Pope. As to why do Americans hate themselves? America is a nation of Christians and it has been useful to Christianity to teach that self-hatred is a virtue. When people hate themselves they are easier to control.

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John said...

Nah, the Vatican doesn't have anything near the political emphasis of the Unification Church.