Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What Can One Say?

Not much. The Repubs have managed to cause the economy to spiral downward. The Repub’s war in Iraq goes on and on and on. It cannot be won. Republican President Bush is an idiot, a dupe and is mentally unstable. Republican Vice President Cheney is malicious, spiteful, sick and insane. Do I care who comes out as the Democratic frontrunner? No. Any of the Dem candidates will be fine by me. Their differences are differences in style only. Clinton, Obama and Edwards will not hurt the world, or the US. Do I care who comes out as the Repub frontrunner? No. All of the Repub candidates are jokes. McCain is an old fool. Romney has no firm beliefs in anything and Huckabee is ignorant and silly. They all will do whatever the neocon corporate asslickers demand. Do the caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire matter? Not really. The only thing that matters is the election next November. Will the US continue to be a fascist Republican-run nation, or will the voters decide they have had enough of Third-Reich politics? That matters. Does it matter whether Obama, Clinton, or Edwards runs against McCain, Romney or Huckabee? No.

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