Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Never Mind the Political Analysts

What does Romney’s win in the Michigan primary really mean? 1) Michigan voters prefer a lying opportunist to an aging, ailing Bush-clone, an ignorant born-again religious fanatic, a lying warmonger, and an aging, ailing actor. 2) No matter who becomes the candidate for President, Republicans will have to hold their noses to vote in the general election next November. That’s it. Last night, CNN’s Senior Political Correspondent Cindy Crowley said, “If Mike Huckabee should win, it will prove that he is not just a quirk out of Iowa.” Obviously, the jerk out of Arkansas is just that, a quirk out of Iowa. The evangelicals in Michigan voted for Romney rather than give Huckabee the nod. As much as the pundits and pollsters are badmouthing the word “change”, voters are looking for change. No matter who is inaugurated in 2009, Congress will have to clean up the messes the Bush administration created in the Middle East and in the US. What’s to be done about Blackwater? The Bush State Department has hogtied the Bush Justice Department so that investigating the criminal acts of guns-for-hire outfits like Blackwater is nearly impossible, let alone prosecuting the criminals. The New York Times reported this morning: “In a private briefing in mid-December, officials from the Justice and State Departments met with aides to the House Judiciary Committee and other Congressional staff members and warned them that there were major legal obstacles that might prevent any prosecution. Justice officials were careful not to say whether any decision had been made in the matter, according to two of the Congressional staff members who received the briefing... Since the September shooting, the State Department and the Pentagon have reached an agreement to put private contractors under greater military control.” But that is not enough and voters know it. Having had a taste of an out-of-control Executive Branch, voters want to rein in the Executive Branch. The Patriot Act has to be revisited and changed. Voters don’t like being spied on and surveilled. The mess in Iraq has to be cleaned up, and the US has to get out. Voters know this. Dare I say it doesn’t matter who the President is? Actually, it doesn’t matter. The President of the United States can do nothing by himself/herself. For a candidate to utter words like, “When I am President, I will...." or “Vote for me, I will....” is ridiculous. The President of the United States is powerless to do ANYTHING on his own. During the last seven years, Republicans have been as tricked and deceived by the entire Bush administration as Democrats. The Bush administration lied to all of us. Both sides of the aisle in Congress were lied to and deceived by the fascists in the White House. And now, all of us want change. The voters in the United States do not like being governed by a dictator. McCain and Giuliani want things to go on as they have gone on since 2000. Nevertheless, should either one win the Republican candidacy, and should either one become president, he would be forced to follow the lead of Congress in changing the direction the US is presently headed in. The tipping point has been reached. All the blather about Republican policies and Democrat policies and this candidate is different from that candidate is window-dressing. What has been cannot go on. And what has been will not go on no matter who becomes president.

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