Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frank Rich: GOP Field Also-rans For Bucket List

Heh! So true! Nice tag line. Heh-heh! In addition, Frank Rich’s New York Times Op/Ed article this morning (“Ronald Reagan Is Still Dead”) points out a few more GOP lies and distortions: 1) Mitt Romney actually has said he saw his father George Romney (former Massachusetts governor) march with Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. George Romney may have been on the side of civil rights in the ‘60’s, but he never marched with Martin Luther King. 2) And although Mitt Romney has belatedly climbed aboard the civil rights train, Rich notes that Romney has “never spoken out about his own church’s discrimination against blacks, which didn’t end until 1978.” 3) “Huckanomics is more snake oil,” Rich says. “All federal taxes would be replaced by a national sales tax that despite its Orwellian name (the Fair Tax) would shift more of the burden to middle- and low-income Americans.” 4) Last October, during a Republican debate, Fred Thompson saw "no reason" to think the US was heading for a recession and viewed the US economic future as "rosy". 4) Rich ends his article saying, “Imagine if Mr. McCain’s Straight Talk Express stopped taking detours around the one figure who unites 60-plus percent of the populace in ire. Imagine if he started talking straight about how he’d clean up the White House mess. That might at least break the ice with the vast majority of voters who look at the G.O.P. presidential field and don’t see Ronald Reagan so much as also-rans for ‘The Bucket List’.” There are three things the exit polls will not reflect during these early caucuses because people do not tell the truth regarding how they really feel about having a) a black president, b) a woman president, c) a sick old man president. We are just going to have to wait until November 4, 2008 to find out. But just think! On this day one year from now, no matter what! We will be shut of George Bush as president, the Bush administration and the Bush policies. No matter what, that era is DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!!!!!!!

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