Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One of Four Things Has To Happen

Option 1) The Prez changes his mind (all on his own) about the way he has been running things in Iraq and about other major Bush administration policies. Option 2) The Republicans in the House and Senate show the Prez the wisdom of changing his mind on Iraq and other Bush administration policies. Option 3) The House and Senate override the president’s vetoes. Or what? Or, the Repubs get voted out of office for the foreseeable future. Option One is doomed. The Prez is not going to change his mind. And that is because George W. Bush does not see himself as a political figure. But rather, he sees himself as God’s stand-in for Him who punishes evil and rewards good. George Bush, as God, can’t change his mind. Option Two is doomed unless the Republicans in the House and Senate suddenly locate their balls, which is not likely. They are not going to teach the president rudimentary lessons of etiquette, let alone show him the error of his ways since 2001. So, Option Three is the only recourse. The House and Senate have to override the president’s vetoes. And that means each chamber of Congress votes on a bill vetoed by the President and passes it by a two-thirds vote over the President’s objections. Hmmm...Option Three seems a little iffy. Oh well...guess the Repubs are going to get voted out of office for the foreseeable future. Oh...there is Option Four. The Prez could be committed to a real insane asylum. I don’t think that has ever been done in US history. I like Option Four ALOT...just because.

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Barry Schwartz said...

On Iraq there is Obvious Option 5, which is Nancy and Harry not bring any occupation funding bills to the floor, and so not pass any such bills, and thus de-fund occupation without any hope of a veto.

Then of course be prepared for Bush to further deprive the soldiers whom he does not bring home. But, if he does that, public wrath ensues against him.

Democrats stupidly think they can't do this.