Sunday, July 22, 2007

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

The “they” being whoever is trying to sell “us” a bill of goods. And the “bill of goods” is everything from the so-called wisdom of doctors to the war in Iraq. Doctors rely on actuarial tables and bullshit fed to them by pharmaceutical companies. The people who graduate from the most highly rated med schools predominately are over-achievers with serious personality defects who believe everyone is stupid, so why should we believe them? We believe them because we’ve been told to believe them. And doctors have the upper hand. It is amazing how much crap we are inundated with daily from everything everywhere. And all those purveyors of crap think we are going to believe it because we are stupid and they have the upper hand. Believing that he who makes the most noise is superior is probably in our hardwiring. It’s certainly true in the animal world. Priests and preachers are the biggest purveyors of crap. They’ve got the upper hand because they say their load of baloney comes straight from God. The Republican Party says they get their high-grade bullshit straight from preachers who get their crap straight from God. Mega-buck corporations get their bunkum straight from the Republican Party who got the garbage straight from preachers who got the crap straight from God. And doctors are only four degrees from God because they got their crap from schools supported by mega corporations who got their crap from the Republican Party that has kissed the ass of preachers who got their crap straight from God. But the myth-factories are starting to crumble. And it’s mainly because information is available. Since the beginning of time, there have been people who said they had information that the masses could not acquire except through middle-men. Turns out, that is the biggest load of crap of all. And I won’t pretend this is not a scary time. It’s a scary time. No longer can we say we have to rely on people who are empowered because they have the info. We all have the info. We can get at it and we can make our own decisions. Now the people who have always said they are our masters and have the upper hand are just worker bees. It’s up to us, guys. We are not beholden to the few anymore. The information is available. We do not have to depend on wisdom wizards who claim they can turn lead into gold, defeat into victory, disease into different disease called health and lies into truth. They’re selling a load of crap. We may be lazy but we are not stupid.