Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Good News for the Prez or the GOP

Washington Post Headlines this morning: Top Aides Leave McCain Camp In GOP, Growing Friction On Iraq Gonzales Knew About Violations, Officials Say But is the Commander of the White House Insane Asylum worried? Not a bit of it. He’s running around the country cheerleading the war in Iraq. Yesterday, the Prez said, “We can accomplish this fight and win in Iraq.” How? He didn’t say. Although the Prez did say he wants Congress to wait until September to make any decisions. That’s when General Petraeus will hand down his assessment of the current strategy in Iraq. And exactly what will happen on that momentous day? The president didn’t say. He suggested that the US might change its strategy “in a while.” Bush addressed a handpcked friendly audience in Cleveland. He said, "They (the Iraqis) know we're kindhearted, decent people who value human life, and they understand that Americans will recoil from the violence on our TV screens...And I know, or I strongly believe, that if we recoil and leave the region with precipitous withdrawals or withdrawals not based upon conditions on the ground, it's going to get worse, not better." If the Iraqis know that the Americans who have attacked, murdered and oppressed them are kindhearted and decent, it’s more than Americans know. And I'm having trouble with Bush's rhetoric. It’s a positive sign when Americans recoil from violence, but it would be a negative sign for American troops to recoil? What am I thinking? I’m trying to make sense of the blathering of a madman. Here’s the key to George W. Bush’s lingo: Whenever he says “It’s in the nation’s interest” or “for the sake of your children and grandchildren”, he means, “it’s in my best interests for maintaining my vision of myself”. Yesterday he said, "I believe that (it’s in this nation's interests) it’s in my best interests for maintaining my vision of myself to give the commander (in Iraq) a chance to fully implement his operations...and I want to tell you, we must, (for the sake of our children and grandchildren) for the sake of maintaining my vision of myself accomplish this fight and win in Iraq.” Everything Crazy George does or says becomes crystal clear when you have the proper translation.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Yup, that's a good technique.

It is possible to translate into a slightly different language, for which see Glenn Greenwald's new book, 'A Tragic Legacy'.