Sunday, May 13, 2007

Race for the Cure

We’ve got a Race for the Cure thing going on in Philadelphia. It’s a 5K run/walk/1-mile fun walk, the promotion blurbs say. It happens every Mothers Day. All the survivors of breast cancer are wearing pink. The reason for this event is to raise money to find a breast cancer cure. Wear pink, the promoters say. Wear pink all day. The event ads are written in soft pink…the color for girl babies. Stamp out breast cancer with your feet, the race slogans say. It may be a noble cause, but that slogan is the worst piece of PR crap since Brian Tierney came up with “Philadelphia is the place that loves you back” in 1997. And the cutesy pinkness is annoying and trivializing. Plus, let us face a fact, ladies and gentlemen. If a cure for breast cancer were really being sought, it would have been found a long time ago. A vaccination has been found. If given to young girls the vaccine will prevent cervical cancer. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t like it. Forget the silly, bogus reason for the RCC giving a thumbs-down to the vaccine: it will promote teenage sex. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IS AGAINST PREVENTING CERVICAL CANCER IN WOMEN. But is the medical profession any more enlightened? Does the medical profession, which looks skuzzier all the time, really want to find a cure for cancer? No. If it did, it would. If a cure were found, look at all the people, organizations, hospitals and doctors who would be out of a job. That happens to be the bald, naked truth. But go ahead, ladies. Have your fund-raising events. I know it makes you feel better. And who can begrudge cancer survivors from feeling better and trying to be a force for good? But, for God’s sake, stop the simpering. Enough with the cuddly pink teddy bear baloney. Enough with that stupid slogan that puts in mind a boot stomping on a breast. You want to DO something? Reform the health care industry. Reform the pharmaceutical industry. Make doctors be doctors again, not flacks for drug companies. Lobby for the woman in the health industry to find a cure for cancer because you know in your hearts that men will not do it. Men run the health industry. So if you women want to look serious about your goal, act serious. Stop being passive/aggressive. Stop trying to unlock the coffers held by men by seeming to be nonthreatening and adorable. That strategy isn’t working. Threaten a little. And shitcan the pinky cute little me nonsense.


AM said...

Touche, Tomme!

Barry Schwartz said...

It's not good for one's health to write like this, like a demagogue, and full of disgusting sex-prejudice.

Barry Schwartz said...

In retrospect, this essay seems even stupider than it did at first. Men get cancer just like women, women run things as stupidly as men do, and there is no overall cure for cancer primarily because it is a difficult scientific problem that requires patience. What an insult this piece was to women, to men, and to the thousands and thousands of cancer researchers in the world (such as my father-in-law).

(The RCC deserves it, however.)