Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bush Stance Not Just Mad & Stupid, It’s Absurd

As John Edwards said Sunday on George Steph’s “This Week”, there is only one thing holding up the funding of the troops, and that is the President. The Dems are expected to send another bill this week offering to fund the troops through September. The other half of the funding will be dependent on the Iraqi government's progress toward meeting security goals. The Washington Post reported this morning that Dick Cheney said, ”a war funding bill should not contain conditions that limit either the flexibility of our commanders on the ground in Iraq or interferes with the president's constitutional prerogatives as commander-in-chief, which is the general principle that we've adhered to and it's one of the reasons the president vetoed the original bill.” That is to say, the Bush administration’s displeasure with the wording of the new bill and its threats to veto the bill have nothing to do with funding the troops. It’s about the president and vice president protecting their fascistic power base. Which is a fact we have always known. But it’s nice to hear Cheney tell the naked truth for once. US ambassador to Iraq Ryan C. Crocker was with Cheney at a news conference. Crocker said, “Our people need the tools to get the job done, and the tools in this case are money…we really need to get the money out here so we can start making a difference on the streets." Absurdity on absurdity. Getting half the funding money now would make it possible to immediately “make a difference on the streets” as Crocker so quaintly put it, IF that were the Bush administration’s goal, which it is not. Neither the GOP nor the Bush administration has the slightest interest in the troops, the Iraqi people or making a difference in Iraq. They simply want to defend their fiefdom. The increase in powers that the Congress granted to the President, the trampling on citizens’ rights and the trampling on the Constitution were gained only because of the war in Iraq. The GOP mavens reason that to now back down on anything involving the war would show a chink in the Bush administration armor and would lead the way to a mass defection of Republicans from their Party Apparently the GOP hasn’t looked at the Bush armor recently. It’s nonexistent except for the part covering the Prez’s ears.

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