Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Like George Tenet; I Also Like Bruce Cutler

George Tenet was the CIA’s head spook when the Bush administration illegally attacked Iraq. Bruce Cutler has been called a Mafia lawyer and he is defending pop music producer and weirdo Phil Spector in his murder trial. I believe both men have a personal code of honor. I like them. Last night, CNN’s political consultant David Gergen called Tenet “a decent man”. So what? You may say. So nothing. Except that we all act on instinct and hunches. We may not realize it but we smell fear in others, we sense danger before anything actually happens. We have a pack mentality, we stick with our own kind and defend our clan against interlopers and defectors. We scare easily and we are paranoid. None of us is far out of the trees. If I had to trust George Tenet or Bruce Cutler with my life, I would. And I would rather eat worms than be in the same room with George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain or Joe Lieberman. What makes us trust one man and not another man? I don’t know. Gut reaction, I guess.

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