Sunday, April 15, 2007

McCain the Stand-up Prez

New York Times reporters Michael Gordon and Adam Nagourney interviewed Senator John McCain (R-AZ) about his plans for Iraq if elected to the presidency. The resulting article, “McCain Sees ‘No Plan B’ for Iraq War”, is in this morning’s NYT. “Senator John McCain said that the buildup of American forces in Iraq represented the only viable option to avoid failure in Iraq and that he had yet to identify an effective fallback if the current strategy failed,” the lede paragraph says. McCain told the reporters that under George Bush’s plan only three of the five additional combat brigades that are to be deployed in and around Baghdad have arrived. He said we would know “within months” if the strategy has worked. “I am not guaranteeing that this succeeds…I am just saying that I think it can. I believe it has a good shot,” McCain said. The NYT article went on to quote McCain. He said “if the Bush administration’s plan had not produced visible signs of progress by the time a McCain presidency began, he might be forced — if only by the will of public opinion — to end American involvement in Iraq.” However, McCain dismissed all other substitute plans for ending the war in Iraq as “unrealistic”. As the comics say, let me get this straight. The Bush administration attacked Iraq for no reason and is now in the fifth year of its war in Iraq. The result has been total chaos, rampant unchecked terrorism, civil war and abject total failure. However, John McCain says the only way the US can “avoid failure in Iraq” is to continue to use the Bush administration’s failed strategy because no other strategy will work even though McCain isn’t sure that failure can be avoided by continuing to fail. Have I got that right? And now we have heard McCain’s personal exit strategy for pulling himself out of the political cowpies he has stepped into. McCain says that George W. Bush’s war has been just and right and voters should vote for McCain because he will continue Bush’s righteous and just war in Iraq. But in case Bush and McCain have been proven wrong by the time McCain becomes president, then McCain says he “might” be “forced” by public opinion to end American involvement in Iraq. Oh, and don’t forget John McCain is a “decorated former Naval aviator who spent five and half years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam”. As far as I can tell, this is the John McCain platform: OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME BE PRESIDENT BECAUSE MY HEAD IS SO FAR UP GEORGE BUSH'S ASS THAT I WILL LIE , CHEAT AND SAY ANYTHING AND I WAS A PRISONER OF WAR FOR FIVE-AND-A-HALF YEARS!!!!!

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It’s actually a corollary of the 'Give failure time to work' principle.