Saturday, April 07, 2007

McCain: I Misspoke and I Will Misspeak Again

CBS has released advance excerpts from a “60 Minutes” interview with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who is trying to rehabilitate himself after having staged a foolish propaganda stunt in Baghdad last Sunday. Of his claims that Baghdad is a safe city where one can freely stroll in the markets, McCain says in the CBS interview that he misspoke and he regrets it. And, he says, "Of course I am going to misspeak, and I've done it on numerous occasions, and I probably will do it in the future." Given that John McCain has chosen to run for president on the premise that he is George Bush’s clone, McCain has no choice but to base his whole election platform on claiming that Crazy George is not crazy and if he is crazy, then McCain will not only match him crazy for crazy, but he will raise him by 50%. This morning, the Washington Post said, “It is a gamble at a critical time for the former front-runner for the Republican nomination, the political equivalent of a "double-down" in blackjack, as one person close to the campaign put it. A candidate once seen as the almost inevitable winner, McCain is struggling in the polls and this week placed dead last in fundraising among the three top Republican and three top Democratic contenders.” In blackjack, McCain could double his original bet but he would only get one more card. A ballsy move, yes. But in blackjack the player is only going to lose money. In McCain’s double down, soldiers’ lives, the reputation of the United States and billions and billions more dollars would be flushed into the open sewer that the Bush administration’s war in Iraq has become. The one card that McCain has pinned his hopes on is that the Bush administration has defiled the Constitution to the point that it will be impossible to have a fair election in 2008 and that, therefore, he will be a shoo-in. The glitch that McCain hasn’t counted on is that his own party doesn’t want another crazy man in the White House. But John McCain is right about one thing. He has misspoken in the past and he will surely do so in the future.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Hmm. Almost inevitable. Like Howard Dean, who lost miserably.

I hate so much about our beltway media.