Friday, December 23, 2005

Three More Slaps In The Face For King George

1. No sooner had the Senate passed a six-month Patriot Act extension and raced home for its Christmas snooze, House Judiciary head, James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) threatened to throw a monkey wrench in the deal. With only John Warner (R-VA) left to vote, a four-minute session was held and the six-months extension was changed to five weeks. 2. The Dems got Senate Republicans to give up the oil-drilling plan in Alaska, which was attached to the defense budget. Also written into the Arctic oil-drilling bill was language that cut assistance for home heating for the poor. When the oil-drilling bill was abandoned, the home heating cut went with it. 3. On Thursday, Dem leader from California Nancy Pelosi said in effect, “Not so fast” to the $40 billion budget-cutting measure, also passed by the Senate on Wednesday which cut aid to the poor and elderly. Her move forces the house to take up the budget again when it’s back in session next year. Dems-3, Scrooge-0.

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