Thursday, December 22, 2005

Senate Robs the Poor, Runs Home For Holiday

What a shameful display for the world to see. The US Senate was so anxious to get home for Christmas that it hastily voted on Wednesday to cut the budget by curtailing aid to the poor and elderly. In a scene straight out of The Christmas Carol, VP Dick Cheney broke a 50-50 tie when he voted in favor of the spending cuts. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Next the Senate voted to give the Patriot Act another six months. With that, the Senators broke for the Christmas recess and quickly scuttled to their hearths and homes to engage in heartwarming celebrations devoted to lip service about peace, good will and charitable acts. Meanwhile, back at the war…GI’s are away from their families at Christmastime for the third year. Two thousand one hundred and fifty nine American soldiers have died in George Bush’s unnecessary war. GWB claims these deaths were the only way to properly show respect for the 3,000 civilians who died in the World Trade Center attack. When elections roll around in November 2006, it may finally dawn on the craven ninnies who voted to curtail aid to the poor and elderly, that screwing the poor is not a vote getter. And just when the Republican Party is going to need good press and powerful political arguments in its favor, the Patriot Act will come up next summer for another look-see and another vote. It’s the specter of the future that George W. Bush, like Scrooge, should fear more than the constant reminders of his past follies. Because unless Bush mends his ways, the shadows of what may happen will become fact as surely as Condoleezza Rice will tell more lies on Meet the Press. And the fine irony is that George W. Bush cannot mend his ways. Nor can he change in any way because he promised God he would remain steadfast and true to all the things the Prez believes God wants: Ridding the world of non-Christians, enthronement of the rich, persecution of homosexuals and debasement of women.

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Barry Schwartz said...

You forgot raping the environment and altering the nature of the planet.