Friday, December 16, 2005

Add This To “Mission Accomplished”

"This is a major step forward in achieving our objective,” President Bush said, referring to yesterday’s election in Iraq. He went on to explain that our objective is ”…having a democratic Iraq, a country able to sustain itself and defend itself, a country that will be an ally in the war on terror and a country that will set such a powerful example to others in the region, whether they live in Iran or Syria." Another premature Bush ejaculation. Just when will Iraq be a democratic country and not a country on the brink of civil war? When will Iraq be able to sustain and defend itself without mega infusions of money, arms and soldiers from the United States? When will Iraq be anything other than a spawning ground for terrorism? And when will Iraq set a powerful example of anything other than a broken, impotent, weak, terrified, nation that has been overrun and destroyed by the imperialist United States of America? All indications are that these objectives won’t be attained in George W. Bush’s lifetime, if ever. And who is going to protect the Iraqis from the Bush administration’s lies? The White House favored the Sunni faction in the election because the insurgency is Sunni-led. The strong turnout from the Sunni’s caused George W. Casey Jr., the top US military commander in Iraq to boast that the US can now look forward to the insurgency being gradually reduced. Well, don’t hold your breath. Juan R.I. Cole, a University of Michigan expert on Iraq told the NYT that, "The steady grind of this guerrilla war is going to go on. The elections are not relevant to it, and that's what is going to matter to the American people." Even the smallest newspapers in the US are reporting this morning that President George W. Bush was surrounded by six smiling Iraqis in the Oval office who proudly displayed their ink-stained fingers after yesterday’s vote. Where did these latest human props for a George W. Bush photo-op come from? Who flew them in? What did they get for their appearance? What happens to them now? Do they go back home and resume their lives in George W. Bush’s war-ravaged Iraq? I mean, how ya gonna keep ‘em down in Baghdad after they’ve seen DC? Just asking.

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