Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where Is Ed Rollins Going Now?

It’s clear that Ed Rollins, who was the brains (well, some of the brains) behind Nixon, Reagan, Bush-the-First, and Ross Perot, has totally decamped from no-brains Michele Bachmann’s campaign. Rollins is still listed as a Bachmann “senior advisor” and he cited the usual suspect—health reasons—as to why he stepped down from the day-to-dayness of keeping Bachmann from killing her own campaign with her stupidity. Still, the NYT reported this morning that he told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, that Mrs. Bachmann does not have the money or resources to compete with her better-financed rivals, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. 

“Right now,” Rollins said, “she’s competing hard in Iowa, but she doesn’t have the ability or resources to go beyond Iowa at this point in time, where Perry and Romney can go into South Carolina, Arizona and other places.”

The NYT said Rollins had pinpointed Bachmann’s biggest roadblock to winning the Republican nomination. The NYT did not say that she can’t get the dough to go further than Iowa because people are realizing what a total know-nothing and loose cannon she is.

So, okay, Rollins’s reasoning is pretty elemental. But, as the NYT notes, why is Rollins making these statements now?

Where is he going? And what candidate is he going to be using his "guerilla campaign" tactics on? Stay tuned.

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