Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Ed Rollins has worked for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush the First and Ross Perot. He joined Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign this past summer and guided her to a straw-poll victory in Iowa. 

But the New York Times reported this morning that Rollins has stepped down from the “day-to-day operations” (health reasons were cited) and is now a senior advisor. Add to that, the fact that Rollin’s deputy David Polyansky is leaving the Bachmann campaign and campaign bullshit aside, the message is clear: Ed Rollins fulfilled his contract and has opted out.

But another message is even clearer: The GOP back-room boys are finished with Bachmann as their clown act so they gave Rollins the high sign

However, from the reports about the Republican presidential candidates’ Labor Day activities, the GOP is going to have to forge a more powerful platform than pro-forma grousing about Obama having single-handedly put the United States in the woeful situation it finds itself in.

Because that is not going to fly.

Too many journalists, Democrats and Republicans themselves know the blame for our collapse lies in the Republican Bush administration and the GOP itself.

And by the way, when “the Republican Party”: or “the GOP” is cited in any news report, it means the people pulling the strings and making the decisions in Republican political matters including the Tea Party. The Tea Party is another clown act that is just about to get a notice from the bosses about the rules of the game. Whether Sarah Palin can acquiesce to the requirements is a big question. But the GOP has made it clear Bachmann is out, fun-times are over and it will give Palin a chance to prove she has grown up enough to act like a real contender.

I'm betting she will blow it due to her narcissistic pathology because that's her nature.

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