Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vatican: Criticism of Pope is Like Anti-Semitism

In the area of WRONG, one wonders how much more wrong the Vatican can get. First, the now-Pope from his position as Enforcer for Pope John Paul II and as the go-to guy in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which investigated abuse cases, was the one who ordered that abuse cases be kept secret. In addition to that, he was the one who moved pedophile priest Father Hullermann around from diocese to diocese in Germany and Bavaria, which allowed Hullermann to continue molesting little boys Then, when documents about Pope Ratz’s involvement in protecting pedophile priests were made public by the New York Times, the Vatican announced that the NYT was engaging in a vendetta against Pope Ratz. And now, on Good Friday if you please, Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa (a senior priest in the Vatican) speaking in St. Peter’s Basilica, said that all the criticism Pope Benedict XVI is receiving regarding his handling of pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church is like the anti-Semitism suffered by Jews. On top of all the deceit the Vatican is engaging in now to erase all the deceit the Vatican has perpetrated in the past, now the Vatican is saying that speaking out against its lying, deceit and calumny is like being anti-Semitic. UNBELIEVABLE! But, since Father Cantalamessa has committed this monumental error in judgment by bringing up anti-Semitism and the Roman Catholic Church, let us not forget folks, that Pope Pius XII not only did not rebuke the Nazi’s during the WWII, but he was known as a Nazi-sympathizer. And also, let us not forget folks, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Vatican finally said officially that Jews were not responsible for Christ’s crucifixion and got rid of the prayer in the liturgy calling for the conversion of Jews. It is hard to imagine how wrong the Vatican has always been. But since its track record is so abysmal, perhaps we can construct a rule-of-thumb. If the Vatican says it, it’s a lie.

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