Thursday, April 01, 2010

If the Vatican Told the Truth, Which It Doesn’t

But if the Vatican did deal in veracity about its own megalomania, it would say it is outraged that anyone would have the nerve to cast aspersions on the Pope. The Vatican has endowed the Pope with super powers because he is the successor to the first Pope, St. Peter. Which means all Popes, including the ones that murdered people, the ones that had wild gorilla sex in the Vatican and now this miserable excuse for a human being, Pope Benedict XVI, are above reproach. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem I have with the Vatican. Which, may I say, is the problem I have with many writers of the Bible who amended, redacted, changed and outright lied about their subject—they are dealing in fiction. Peter the Apostle, you know the one, the guy who denied Jesus three times in the Garden of Gethsemane, surely never knew he was the Bishop of Rome, much less a Pope. According to historians, Peter probably wasn’t even in Rome when the fiction writers declared he was the Bishop of Rome. And all this nonsense about Peter being the first Pope is based on the verse in Matthew (Chapter 16, Verse 18) where Jesus says to Peter, “On this rock will I build my church”. There are many conversations quoted in the Bible, which it’s doubtful Jesus ever had. And this is one of them. Jesus never had eyes to start a new religion. It was the people who came after him who wanted a new religion. And it’s the people who came long after Jesus who put words in his mouth that he probably never said. And the Vatican took it to insane heights claiming that since Jesus said he was going to build his church on his friend The Rock, (Petra/Peter means rock/stone), that meant Peter was the First Bishop of Rome, which made him the first Pope. Such nonsense! The first Bishop of Rome, whoever he was, was not a Pope. Early Christians didn’t call any one Big Papa until the second century AD. The Vatican will give you a list of “Popes” going back to Peter, which is totally impossible to verify. There may have been guys like Linus, Cletus and Clement who were big mahoffs in the early church, but they were not called Popes, they were not even called Bishops. Ugh! So, the Vatican is outraged that all the hundreds (probably THOUSANDS) of molested little children, and their families would DARE say anything against The Vatican and its residents because they are self-declared holy persons who are incapable of wrong-doing. And who is buying this latest fiction being sold by the Vatican? The guys in the Vatican are buying it. But the people who sit in the pews--the actual Body of Christ--are going to church, worshiping God and Jesus, and calling for Pope Ratz and his minions to stop the bullshit and fess up, or at least SHUT UP!

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