Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Palin Faction Charmed By Hubris and Ignorance

Granted, seeing a rube outsmart city slickers can be satisfying. But how long will it be before Sarah Palin publicly turns on her newfound Tea Party supporters to show she’s slyer and more canny than they are. Perhaps Palin thought she’d be seen as cute and naive when, inevitably, the cameras would show she had used her left hand as a crib sheet during her speech at the Tea Party Convention last Saturday night. And sure enough, we’re being treated to pics and videos of Palin glancing down at her left hand where she had scrawled the words “energy”, “tax cuts” and “lift American spirits”. We’ll never know if Palin thought this ploy through and decided to use it as a gimmick to enhance the ”lovable hick” character she likes to portray; or was she so arrogant as to think no one would notice because she was playing her “dazzling personality” role? In the end, it really doesn’t matter, because today she’s put on her “gutsy Sarah against the mean media” face and she says she will fight them by mocking them. There are things we know about Sarah Palin by observing her. She will never become thoroughly knowledgeable about the economy and foreign policy because she can’t. She cannot study and bone up in any real way, just as George W. Bush was incapable of deep thought, study or analysis. And just as GWB knew he wouldn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting involved in being president because others would do it for him, so Sarah Palin assumes she will get by on her looks, quick-study-and-forget-it performances and that the wonks will forcefeed whatever information she needs. Sarah Palin is sure in her bones that all the really powerful people in Washington, DC are also faking it. What would be the point of studying and learning and keeping all that info in your head if you didn’t have to? That would be absurd. To paraphrase a line in “A Thousand Clowns”: Sarah Palin’s superficiality runs deep. Fortunately, time is on the side of the folks who view the possibility of a Sarah Palin presidential candidacy as a monumental disaster. In time, Sarah Palin betrays everyone--husband, family, friends, political allies, running mates, voters, minders. It's a character flaw and she's powerless in its thrall. It's her nature. Who among her supporters today will be in her camp in six months? A year? My guess--few, if any.


Barry Schwartz said...

My sense is that George W Bush would like to be able to learn but it is too hard because of his dyslexia and attention difficulties, but that Sarah Palin might be the black sheep of Al Bundy’s extended family.

debbe goldstein said...

at the end of the day, the fact that someone like that is still being talked about for any serious public office is just depressing. Intelligence is no longer a valued requisite for people's lives.And I m not talking about the "elites" definition of intelligence whatever that means... Not being qualified for anything has become not important. So how do parents teach their kids about setting the bar higher? Become a reality show star? A diva? A litigant on Judge Judy? I read where one of the contestants on The Amazing Race didnt know how to tell time.... "a quarter till" was incomprehensible to a twenty something grown up. If that is acceptable then Sarah is the queen of all media. Next she might be talking about being the next judge on American Idol. The American Dream about being able to achieve what one wants has in the past included hard work, education and making oneself's qualified. Last night on The Office Michael Scott declared bankruptcy by DECLARING bankruptcy (I DECLARE bankruptcy!!!!!) Some Fembot from the great north DECLARES herself ready to be president. If that were the norm... and sadly it looks like it is becoming that... then I should be able to run berkshire hathaway in no time.