Monday, February 25, 2008

Project Runway Way More Fun than Politics

The reality shows all have the same plotline and the same story arcs. The only thing we don’t know about Project Runway and the Fatties shows is who will be the final winner. And yet, we are glued to the TV set each week because the storyline is fascinating. And in the case of Project Runway, the talent is excellent and the creations each week are awesome. The Clinton and Obama strategists have decided that they too should keep the pot boiling day after day and week after week until the Democratic Convention. Apparently the politicos think that if it works for Project Runway and The Biggest Loser, it will work for the candidates. And not only that, after the Conventions we can count on the Repub and Dem strategists being determined to keep the suspense level high. There is only one problem with the politicians’ plan. The US election contestants are dreary and there is no inherent drama in anything they say or do. In addition, the voters have tuned out. God knows, the ABC show “LOST” is fascinating and I am hooked totally. However, that show has been immeasurably helped by the fact that the citizens of the world have found the US election candidates and particularly McCain, Clinton and Obama unutterably tedious, irritating and tiresome. And not only are the candidates deadly dull and snore-worthy, but the pundits and analysts who comment on the candidates are phoning it in because they said everything they were going to say three months ago. Will people stay home and not vote because the strategists’ strategies have been so childish and flawed? No. We’ll vote. Knee-jerk assholes in the Repub party will vote for McCain. And Dems will vote for Clinton or Obama and not give a damn which one it is. But between now and the election, the vast majority of people in the world will find something to watch other than the US candidates. Unless of course, they are looking to fall asleep. I certainly am done watching or listening to anything McCain, Clinton or Obama says from here on out. And I’m done watching or listening to what anyone else says about what McCain, Clinton or Obama says from here on out. It’s a little present I’m giving to me.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Nope, not glued to TV; I get so much done since I gave up TV. I even made it onto the Free Fonts of the Month list (the Goudy font). Couldn't have happened were I watching TV.

I do listen to audio streams most of the time, though. Doesn't tie up the eyes.