Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is There Still a War in Iraq? Apparently a war is still raging in Iraq, because American soldiers and Iraqi security forces and civilians are still dying. As of this morning, a total of 3,948 American soldiers have died in Iraq. Yet, also apparently, some unheralded law has passed in the United States that the war will not be spoken of so as to wipe it from our minds. In the first month of 2008, 40 American soldiers and 554 Iraqi civilians and security personnel were killed. And now already in February, 4 American soldiers and 144 Iraqi civilians and security personnel have been killed. But the word out of the Bush administration and the Pentagon is that the so-called surge has been successful and we are winning George Bush's Iraq war. In addition, the man who will likely be the Republican nominee for president, John McCain, said it would be “fine with me” if the US were in Iraq for 100 years. I submit that we have had ENOUGH of presidents on happy pills and adrenaline rushes. John McCain is an ailing old fool and God only knows what medications he is taking. But for anyone to say the US should stay in Iraq for 100 years is an insane statement. It implies the United States is committed to fighting Iraq’s civil war forever. Which, of course, the US cannot do, because The Commission of the National Guard and Reserves just issued a report saying the US is unprepared to handle its own emergencies at home, let alone foreign wars or attacks from foreign countries. But why has this war in Iraq that has bankrupted us and killed our young people been taken off the front pages? Is it now too boring to cover? That may well be the case. Americans may truly not want to hear about the war in Iraq. Fine. There is a solution. Let’s pull our troops out NOW!

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