Sunday, June 10, 2007

Senator Lindsay Graham Went Undercover

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) went on active duty for a week’s visit to Iraq last April. Graham is a Colonel in the Reserve. This trip was roughly a week after McCain made his fabled visit when he was heavily guarded by the US military. It was a “secret mission” Graham says. Graham was in army fatigues and carrying a sidearm. The secret part was that Graham who is a lawyer wanted to investigate the rule of law in Iraq. On May 9th, CBSNews reported: “Graham counseled the Iraqis on how different their courts must be now.” Graham said, "The old legal system was there to serve the dictator...the new legal system has to be there to serve all the people; not just one group of people." And Lindsay Graham was there to serve the White House PR machine. Active duty for a week...wearing fatigues...carrying a sidearm...secret mission...showing up John McCain. Oh golly! How thrilling! Yesterday, AmericaBlog added a footnote. AmericaBlog says that rumors abound that Senator Graham is gay and that his going on active duty in Iraq “raises a very serious question of national security”. Senator Graham and the Republican Party can’t have it both ways, AmericaBlog said. Either gayness is a threat to national security and must be thoroughly investigated and rooted out of the military, or it’s not. According to the Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy, when questions as to gayness are raised, there is a threat to “unit cohesion” and the questions must be investigated. Did the Pentagon investigate the rumors about Graham before it sent him on his secret mission? As AmericaBlog says, “Doubtful.” I am shocked that the White House didn’t care that it may have put our soldiers in grave danger by sending a possibly gay man into their midst. And on such an important secret mission, no less.

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