Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama & Clinton on 60 Minutes…WTF?

Here you go…the real agenda for the 60 Minutes Interview:
1) Obama endorsing Hillary’s 2016 run for Prez
2) Hillary and Barack’s last chance together to explain away the Benghazi debacle while she’s still Secretary of State and before she runs for Prez
3) Hillary needs to reassure her constituents that she is now healthy after the blood clot incident

And here are the elephants in the room:
1) Hillary’s obvious new face lift
2) There was no blood clot
3) Hillary’s new glasses called attention to the blood clot which didn’t exist but they also hid the last vestiges of the new face lift 
4) Barack’s new eyelift…just look at those eyebrows…not at all the old eyebrows

Well so okay…while the rest of the world is being vicious and mean and killing each other and everyone else in the most vicious and mean ways, our guys are lying about facelifts, reasons for hospitalizations and runs for prez in 2016. We’re really superior specimens, aren’t we?

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