Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Aftermath…The Real Problem

An editorial in the October 18th issue of the New York Times (“Republicans and Foreign Policy”) states that “Accusing President Obama of being weak or refusing to lead is ludicrous when you consider all he has done to repair the damage his predecessor did to America’s standing in the world.”

None of the Republican presidential candidate frontrunners are coming close to a viable foreign policy platform, the editorial concluded. 

At a recent debate, Texan Rick Perry was asked what he would do if the Taliban took control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Perry jumbled up names and facts, the NYT said, “and ended up accusing Washington of refusing to sell F-16s to India, which actually had declined to buy the combat planes.”

Herman Cain said a leader does not need to know the names of people who run places like “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”. But apparently Cain doesn’t know that although Uzbekistan’s President Karmov is a tyrant with a woeful human rights legacy he allows America to use Uzbekistan as a supply route to Afghanistan. 

Romney wants to increase defense spending but gives no idea how. Hunstsman wants the US out of Afghanistan right away, while Senator Santorum wants the US to mount an aggressive push to win, but gives no clue as to how the US is to do that. Neither Perry nor Romney give an indication as to when or if they would get troops home, the NYT said.

The aftermath always brings with it a stew of recrimination, complicity and hopeful alliances that may or may not work out. Back in the 1960’s, everyone was waiting for Madman genius Jerry Della Femina to come up with a blockbuster idea at a brainstorming session his first day working on a Panasonic ad campaign. Finally he said, “I've got it!” How about 'From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor.'"

All of us, including the Occupy Wall Street folks, would love to see Obama solve the problems of the aftermath of the Bush administrations. But he didn’t and he hasn’t. However, claiming that he caused the problems is silly and not productive. A simple statement from the Repubs that they don’t know how to get themselves, us and the world out of the mess their guys caused, would be the most healing and positive thing they could do.

Will they do it?

Of course not.

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