Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Palin Says: “This Isn’t About Me”

Oh hahahahahahahahaha! Oh ROTFLMFAO!!!

Gotta catch my breath! Okay…I’m composed now.

The New York Times reported this morning (“Obama Benefits in Having Palin as His Foil”) that on Monday, Sara Palin had assured Sean Hannity on Fox News that “she was not going to be silenced, no matter what abuse might come her way”. And she added, several times, "This isn’t about me".

Well of course it’s about Palin as far as Palin is concerned. There’s nothing that is not about Palin, to Palin. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Timbuktu, the resulting ripples are about Palin to Palin.

And as the NYT said, a lot of Repubs wish it weren’t true. But Palin taking advantage of being center stage because of her inappropriate remarks in the aftermath of the Giffords shooting, the GOP news is all about Palin.

And Palin in her self-absorbed glory cannot see that her motor-mouth ignorant arrogance is the best thing that could have happened to Obama. As the NYT says, every president needs the kind of critic who can remind the public of why he seemed so presidential. 

Or, as a writer who is not as circumspect as an NYT reporter (me) might say—every president needs a loudmouth gormless asshole to remind the public that the prez is an intelligent and caring class act.

Carry on Sarah Palin. Your getting it wrong is doing right by the Dems.

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