Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make No Mistake...GOP Rage is About RACE

This morning’s Op/Ed column by Frank Rich is headlined: “The Rage Is Not About Health Care”. And after chronicling and chapter-and-versing the obstructionist ways the conservative GOP assholes have reacted to every move the United States has made to stamp out racism, Frank Rich wrote: “After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, some responsible leaders in both parties spoke out to try to put a lid on the resistance and violence. The arch-segregationist Russell of Georgia, concerned about what might happen in his own backyard, declared flatly that the law is ‘now on the books.’ Yet no Republican or conservative leader of stature has taken on Palin, Perry, Boehner or any of the others who have been stoking these fires for a good 17 months now. Last week McCain even endorsed Palin’s ‘reload’ rhetoric.” We have a black President and we have a Hispanic Latina in the Supreme Court. And the ultra-conservative branch of the Republican Party—THE TEA PARTY—is foaming from its mean, ignorant, KKK-based, death-breath mouth. The current stupidity coming out of Palin, Perry and Boehner is hate-based racism, pure and simple. This group is fomenting racist hatred and inciting violence from morons who throw bricks. As I see it, the recourse is for normal, sane, balanced, thinking Americans to call out these idiots in every media venue available. Only 20% of the people in the United States want to be linked with racists. We need to let the media know that. And the media needs to call a halt on its lily-livered cowardly non-response response to the racist Tea Party. The media needs to let the Tea Party know the United States of America wants no part of Tea Party bigotry.

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