Saturday, July 04, 2009

About Sarah Palin, Here’s What I Get

I get that watching her on TV is irresistible, because one can no more turn away from Palin on TV than one can turn away from a train wreck. I get that guys like her perky, ditsy persona. I get that people think she’s attractive. I get that at first she seemed to be a refreshing presence on the political scene. But here’s what I don’t get: I don’t get that a whole clot of people who have been presented with incontrovertible truths about her--both by what she has said herself and by the duly-reported observations of others—have not understood that she is a self-absorbed, lying narcissist who is dangerously deluded and probably insane. I don’t get that a whole clot of people choose to ignore the plain, bald, irrefutable, indisputable facts about Sarah Palin. Like, she is vindictive and malicious and when in a position of even the tiniest amount of power, she exacts revenge on anyone who crosses her or anyone she favors, and she cannot abide even the slightest criticism. Like, she blatently lies and then assumes that her personality will make people forget the truth. Like, she does what she wants to do no matter what her handlers advise, even when it has the worst possible consequences for the people she works for. Like, she cannot stay on-message for her constituents and her party to save her soul. She says and does whatever comes to her mind at any moment, not unlike a four-year-old child that wants what it wants when it wants it. Like, she sees herself as the point, the main point and the only point. She serves no cause, no ideology, no policy, no administration, no party except to promote herself. I don’t get that even though the above traits spell DISASTER for a politician, there is a whole clot of people who would like to see her run for president. I don’t get that even though Sarah Palin is a female George W. Bush, and George W. Bush should be convicted of treason for what he and his administration did to the United States of America, still, there is a faction here in the United States who would willingly vote for Sarah Palin to be our president. I don’t get that. It is simply beyond my ken.


Barry Schwartz said...

Actually there is no way in heaven or hell that GWB should be convicted for high treason, given the extreme narrowness with which this is defined in the Constitution itself. More people ought to look at that sometime; what we do in this country is charge people with espionage, stealing government resources, etc.

There is such a thing as 'ethical treason', of course, but even in this case Bush is marginal; at most he was a beneficiary, rather than a committer. The Felonious Five OTOH ...

No, Bush is mostly 'just' a murderer and sadist, but with no serious inclination towards overthrowing the government. Indeed, he couldn't wait to get out of DC.

Sarah Palin, meanwhile, seems mostly to be an embezzler. That anyone would find Sarah Palin's personality attractive in some way is interesting but doesn't really get to me. What does get to me is how anyone could have listened to the speech she gave yesterday and not thought that she was pre-emptively denying something that she referred to vaguely as something that we already know about. BradBlog speculated about it being charges in the matter of her embezzling from the government of Wasilla to build her house.

pilgrimchick said...

Well, she is self-absorbed enough to think that none of those things matter and that somehow, she'll be miraculously raised to the presidency. I'm half amused and half frightened to death.