Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Remember the Movie, “The Candidate”?

There is a scene in "The Candidate" where campaign manager Peter Boyle tells candidate Robert Redford the point of his candidacy: “You lose,” which comes as a surprise to Redford. What if.... What if the whole point of the insane choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate is that she not only insure McCain’s loss, but that her foibles, family problems and lack of experience take the spotlight away from the Republican failures of the last eight years. And why would the Republican Party do this? Because it would rather see a Democrat president than John McCain. And what if the Republican Party is sick to death of the religious right and its demands? That’s a stretch, I know. But unless the entire Republican Party has gone as bonkers as George W. Bush, what other reasonable explanation is there, except that the Repubs have orchestrated this entire catastrophe? The Palin soap opera is fascinating I have to admit. It keeps providing bizarre entertainment day after day. And until Democrat VP candidate Joe Biden debates Palin on October 2nd, the Perils of Palin will be the best and strangest reality show on TV. If the Republican Party is convinced McCain is going to lose, nay, if it wants McCain to lose and if it wants McCain to take the religious right faction down into the bargain, how better to do it than to make McCain, Palin and the religious right a laughing stock? I’m not sure why I want to find logic in this Republican Party debacle. Maybe they all really are crazy as loons.


Barry Schwartz said...

John McCain likes to gamble. Literally, with lots of dough. What we are seeing is John McCain, gambling big, and with no regard for the welfare of the nation, and in a time in his life when his brain is deteriorating (perhaps simply due to aging).

He wanted Lieberman and if not Lieberman then Ridge, but the freaky wingnuts wouldn't stand for it, and colleagues were telling McCain he had to shake things up.

It sure seems as if the Republicans are looking for a way to dump Palin now.

(I don't think the Mormon guy ever stood a chance with the wingnuts. A Jew is like a crazy old uncle, to the wingnuts, but a Mormon is a heretic.)

Scarlet said...

Great post. It's funny because I was thinking a similar point before I read your post. "You lose..." And maybe they want to lose not because of demands from the religious right but because of what they have already done and started?

War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The crumbling economy. Africa unsettled. Middle East fighting. Global warming. Oil prices....

Really, who wants to steer the ship? They don't!