Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, Yes, It’s Been Awhile Since I’ve Posted..

BUT... this is too lovely to ignore. The New York Times just sent out an aviso that Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), “the longest serving US Republican senator ever” was indicted today on seven counts of making false statements after a year-long investigation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Basically, I am soooooo sick of news reports about Obama and McCain that I can barely stand to read a newspaper or watch TV. But this little tidbit has me giddy with good humor. The NYT says Stevens’s troubles “stem from his ties to an oil executive whose company won millions of dollars in federal contracts with the help of Mr. Stevens, whose home in Alaska was almost doubled in size in the renovation project.” And the NYT goes on to say, “The indictment will surely reverberate through the November elections. Mr. Stevens, who has been in the Senate for 40 years, is up for re-election this year. Mark Begich, a popular Democratic mayor of Anchorage, hopes to supplant him.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My feeling of bonhomie and goodwill to men will, I feel sure, extend even into the Yankees game tonight with Baltimore, no matter what.

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Barry Schwartz said...

I'm a little less giddy, because having Stevens indicted well before the election is good for the Republicans. Although, 'tis true, it's better than no indictment at all! :)