Monday, November 12, 2007

Musharraf and Bush, Twins at Heart

President Bush has no more idea about what’s involved in the so-called democratic process than does Pakistan’s president General Pervez Musharraf. Bush says the democratic process must continue in Pakistan. But for the past seven years Bush has done his best to halt the democratic process in the United States. In fact, if President Bush could get away with it, he would run the US the way Musharraf is running Pakistan—by fear, by military force and by totalitarian rule So, let’s get something straight: President Bush is not only pro-Musharraf, he’s envious of the man’s way of doing things. Musharraf and Bush totally understand each other. And the main thing they are on the same wavelength about is duplicity. Although duplicity may not be the preferred modus operandi in the lives of most Americans, it is the preferred MO with the Bush administration and with most people in Pakistan. Americans may find it hard to understand that Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister who seems to be leading a movement against Musharraf, are actually working together. Eventually Musharraf and Bhutto will have co-rule in Pakistan. This has been understood since Bhutto started making noises about returning to Pakistan. Were this not true, she would not have dared to come back. George W. Bush may not know anything about the Middle East’s culture or history. And he may care to know nothing, but he learned duplicity at his mother and father’s knee. Double-talk, double-speak and duplicity are so ingrained in President Bush’s core that he is incapable of saying “freedom” without meaning “oppression”. The only Republican presidential candidate who comes even close to being as duplicitous as President Bush is Rudy Giuliani. Should Giuliani become our next president, it will be as though George W. Bush had a third term.


Barry Schwartz said...

Giuliani has the advantage (to himself and possibly to us) that he is not as impaired by his megalomania; for instance, he is not so incredibly anxious as Bush evidently is. Bush is so sick that he simply cannot "think".

If Musharraf is Bush's twin then he must have been a doped-up deserter. Wouldn't that make it hard to become a general?

Todd Dugdale said...

"So, let’s get something straight: President Bush is not only pro-Musharraf, he’s envious of the man’s way of doing things."

You are absolutely correct.

As an aside, I wonder why we keep thinking that democracy automatically produces pro-American governments. They really don't. Ahmedinejad was elected. Even Hitler was elected. That's why Reagan preferred puppet dictators to democratically-elected governments. The dictator can always 'transition' to democracy once the opposition is jailed and banned from the 'elections'.

Likewise, if Musharraf 'takes off the uniform', he will only appoint a stooge in his place while he runs things as an iron-fisted 'civilian' dictator. In all probability, we will also have an election where only one party is allowed to run, like we had in Vietnam.

Anyway, thank you for your insightful and eloquent post, and for the chance to allow me to rant for a bit. I check your blog nearly every day.