Sunday, October 15, 2006

Repubs Are Confident of Winning Elections

The Repubs say they will win the up-coming mid-term elections in November and the presidential election in 2008 because they are superior to the Dems in getting out the vote. Translation: Repubs are confident because they plan on committing election fraud (again). The point is, is this confidence merited or is it delusional? Can the GOP pull off another win based on vote fraud? And, will the GOP succeed in getting out the vote? Tampering with voting machines only works if the election is close. And by that, I mean, only works well. Unless the vote is close, there is the inevitable investigation, delays and overturned elections. And it is particularly true that voting machine fraud will be detected and investigated now that candidates and voters are tuned into the fact that voting machines can be rigged. This time around, candidates are not likely to concede an election unless and until all means to validate vote counts have been pursued. A landslide for either candidate cannot be turned into a close vote. It’s too easy to prove that an overwhelming majority of voters voted for a particular candidate. In addition, a landslide for one candidate cannot be turned into a win for the opposing candidate. So voting machine tampering is still pretty much a close-vote option. These upcoming elections may actually be won and lost by voter turnout. The GOP is claiming it is the best party for getting voters to go to the polls. But many dedicated Republicans are revolted by the shenanigans in their own party and they are not likely to vote for a Democrat. These disaffected voters may stay home or vote for an Independent spoiler. The thinking Republican voter, which is a small percentage of the GOP voting pool, could decide to hold his nose and vote Republican in the hopes that the GOP will change its modus operandi and become responsible. I think the thinking Republican makes up 10% of the GOP vote and the idiot and rigid Republican makes up 20% of the GOP vote. Which leaves the other 70% with an unenviable choice: Vote Democrat, vote for fascists or stay home. By me, the answer to my original question is that the Bush administration’s confidence is delusional. Seventy percent of voting Republicans are not about to vote for fascists, they are too pissed off to stay home and with a new Bush administration scandal bursting onto the horizon with each day’s dawn, they are very much in the mood to vote for a Democrat.

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Barry Schwartz said...

If the Bushists really were confident, they wouldn't be spending their resources the way they are. In the White House, supposedly, if Bush can hear you it is forbidden to talk of losing, and no plans contingent on losing are being made, but that's just 'normal'; the same is true about Iraq. Besides, the important contingency moves are already taken care of and, I have read, will be signed on Tuesday (long enough after passage to keep the signing out of the big news, I guess).

I have my absentee ballot but haven't yet filled it out.